Web Applications

Ruby LogoAll new websites created by Lalee Consulting
are developed with the best-of-breed technologies.  With a special emphasis on Ruby on Rails and supporting technologies, you can be assured the solutions we deliver are fully-tested, high quality, and production-ready at product launch.

Windows Server users, have no fear!  Our founder and lead developer is a Microsoft Certified Enterprise Applications Developer, which means we know all of the design issues involved to ensure all of the Awesome-Goodness
we create will run flawlessly on your Windows Servers, too!

(Download Microsoft Transcript)

On-Site Support

Whether you need a Windows Server Administrator for installations and maintenance, a Linux Server Administrator for remote back-end management, or just an everyday IT Desktop Technician to help you resolve your daily computer annoyances and quirks, Lalee Consulting
has the resources and experience you need get the job done quickly and professionally.

Branch Offices?  Telecommuters?  Do you have a quirky VPN arrangement?  Ask us about our Remote Office and VPN Management solutions!

Remote Support

Do you have an “old faithful” website running on an aging server?  Does it need software updates or some other Server Administrator attention? Is your last System Administrator no longer available?  We can help!

No matter where your server assets are hosted — on Amazon, SliceHost, Linode, or your own corporate Internet-Connection — as long as there’s a usable Management Connection available, we can remotely administer that machine and perform any needed fixes to simply get your site up and running again.  We also provide server assessments to help you plan for the long-term to either bring your aging server back into proper health, or to migrate your assets onto a new server with minimal downtime involved.

Does your application crash after everyone else has gone home for the night? Ask us about our Remote Server Monitoring and Management Services, and let us show you how we can either prevent those crashes, or respond to them in a minimum amount of time.

Mobile Applications

Software development services for Android, iOS (iPhone and iPad), and Blackberry now available. Unleash your device’s full business potential — including GPS, Photos, and Multimedia — when you develop your App with us!

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